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Vinyasa Yoga class to “twist it on out!” with Lesley Fightmaster
Fightmaster Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga class to “twist it on out!” with Lesley Fightmaster

with Lesley Fightmaster
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Vinyasa Yoga class to “twist it on out!” Is a 20 minute class focused on twists. Twists are great to help keep our spine healthy and lubricated and to help aid in proper digestion. Always remember to inhale and lengthen your spine first, before exhaling into the twist. Twists should be performed above the waist while keeping the hips and pelvis neutral. By keeping the pelvis stable and neutral, we’ll avoid the tendency to “crank” the lower back into the twist. The low back will twist a little but the majority of the twist should be in the mid to upper back. As always, rest when you need to rest and if you experience any pain, please stop.

If you’re interested in teacher training, please send me an email:
I’m scheduled to teach a 200-hour weekend format (12 weekends) beginning January 2015 and a month-long intensive training beginning July 2015.

Ladies!! Join us for a nurturing and energizing yoga retreat in Isla Mujares, off of the coast of Cancun February 19-25, 2015. Please go to for more information. :-)

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