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Tracey Mallett: Pilates Total-Body Workout Challenge | Pilates Super Sculpt

Tracey Mallett: Pilates Total-Body Workout Challenge | Pilates Super Sculpt

with Tracey Mallett
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Tracey Mallett: Pilates Total-Body Workout Challenge | Pilates Super Sculpt is an integrated deep-toning full-body Pilates workout that is designed to engage the core and activate the muscles of the abdominals to build strength while focusing on correct alignment, increased flexibility, and improved posture to re-shape the entire body. Sculpt lean muscle definition throughout the abs, shoulders, arms, back, chest, legs, buns, and obliques with World-Renowned Master Pilates Instructor and Fitness & Wellness Expert, Tracey Mallett as she takes you through several key Pilates exercises that would normally have to be performed on Pilates machines in a studio, using only a small inflatable or squishy ball to help to execute the moves correctly and maximize results. You will challenge all of the major muscle groups of the body and tone and tighten your midsection with moves such as push-ups, v-ups, crunches, twists, supermen, back extensions, leg circles, teaser variations, and child’s poses. Tracey explains each exercise with expert, step-by-step precision and does a fantastic job of keeping you motivated and inspired throughout this 10-minute segment from her “Pilates Super Sculpt” Fitness DVD. You will burn calories as you melt away the fat to uncover strong and sexy abs right from your own living room. You will need a small ball and a Yoga mat for this workout that is great for all skill levels. Modify the reps and rest periods to adjust it to your fitness level. Look and feel your best with one of the best and most sought-after instructors in the business. Join Tracey on your road to 6-pack abs. Tune in to the BeFit Channel for all new, free workouts uploaded every week! Click here for more great workouts from Tracey Mallett:

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