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STEP AEROBICS – Advanced level – Jenny Ford
Jenny Ford

STEP AEROBICS – Advanced level – Jenny Ford

with Jenny Ford
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This is considered an advanced level step workout. Join me for a super fun warm-up, followed by 4 dance-y combos and a creative cool-down. Each combo is built from basic moves and progresses quickly to more complexity.It’s the best of both worlds, challenging physically and mentally. Plus it’s great fun. These club tested combos have been said to be so enjoyable you’ll forget you’re working out.

Advanced Step Aerobic Workout

Quick Cardio Fitness Workout Abs Core Fat Loss Weight Yoga Aerobics Toning Zumba Dance

Quick Fitness Workout Cardio Abs Core Peso Perder Grasa Yoga Aeróbic Tonificación Zumba Danza


快速有氧健身 芯脂肪瘦身瑜伽健美操爽肤尊巴舞

Rapido Cardio Fitness Workout Abs Nucleo perdita di grasso di peso Yoga aerobica tonificante Zumba Danza

Rapide Cardio Fitness Workout Abs base Aérobic Fat Yoga Zumba Toning perte de poids danse

Быстрый Кардио фитнес-тренировки Abs Основные Жир Потеря веса Йога Аэробика Тонизирующий Zumba танца

Γρήγορη Cardio Fitness Workout Abs πυρήνα Fat Απώλεια βάρους Αερόμπικ Γιόγκα Zumba Toning Χορού

Rápida Cardio Fitness Workout Abs Núcleo Fat Loss Yoga Aeróbica Peso Toning Zumba Dança To download this workout commercial free.

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