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Pranayam & Yoga Asanas – The Various Yog Mudra
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Pranayam & Yoga Asanas – The Various Yog Mudra

with Aditi Gowitrikar, Avneesh Tiwari, Mukul Dev

Hosts Aditi Gowitrikar and Mukul Dev introduce you to an array of activities for physical and mental strength. The Let Go Yoga series has been created by Yogacharya Avneesh Tiwari after a research of 40 years. The following video highlights the various Yog Mudras Dhyan Mudra Method: This mudra is formed by sitting in Padmasana and keping right palm lightly on the left palm. Head, neck and he back should be kept erect. Eyes and lips should be closed, but at ease. Benefits: This mudra induces relaxation in the entire body and thus freshens up its every organ and limb Prithvi Mudra Method: The tip of the ring finger is kept perpendicularly on the tip of the thumb in this mudra to induce gentle pressure. It restores mutual balance of the agni and the prithvi tatvas. Benefits: The practice of this mudra removes the fatigue and strengthens the weak or tired organs of the body. The body begins to feel energized from inside. Vaayu Mudra Method: The index finger is folded to touch and gently press the root of the thumb and then the top portion of the thumb is made to touch the middle part of the finger in such a way that it also puts some pressure on the latter Benefits: This mudra is generally effective in alleviating toothache, headache and stomach ache Shoonya Mudra Method: Keep the middle finger at the mount of Venus and press with the thumb. Benefits: Reduces the dullness in the body. Varun Mudra Method: Tip of little finger touches the tip of thumb with the other three fingers stretched out. Benefits: Balances the water content and prevents all diseases which come due to lack of water. Hriday Mudra Method: The Index finger touches the base of the thumb, and the tip of the thumb touches the tip of the middle finger and ring finger. The little finger remains straight at ease. Benefits: Cures heart diseases, and further protects the heart for ever, if performed regularly. Surya Mudra Method: Bend the ring finger and press it with the thumb. Benefits: Similar effects of educing alertness and energy are experienced by practicing the surya mudra. It eliminates all fatigue, heaviness and laziness in few minutes. Apaan Mudra Method: The tips of middle finger and ring finger touch the tip of thumb while the other two fingers are stretched out. Benefits: Plays an important role in our health as it regulates the excretory system. Saakat Mudra Method: Bring the tips of your hands together. Bring the joined thumb near your heart and hold while sitting in the lotus position. Benefits: Helps you ease mental tension and pressure Ling Mudra Method: Interlock the fingers of both hands and keep the thumb of the left hand vertically straight and encircle it with the thumb and the index finger of the right hand. Benefits: Cures Asthma, paralysis, & low blood pressure. Increases the heat in the body, controls cold & sinusitis. Completely dries the phlegm in the control of asthma. Shankh Mudra Method: The Left thumb should be held in the right fist and left index finger should touch right thumb. This forms the Shankh Mudra. Benefits: It benefits the digestive system. As digestion is improved, diet is also improved. Diseases of abdomen and intestines can be cured by the practice of this mudra.

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