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Pilates Fusion Workout – Arm, shoulder and back sculpting

Pilates Fusion Workout – Arm, shoulder and back sculpting

with Caitlin O’Connor-Veth, Meagan Cox
accessibilityupper body
personarms ▪ back ▪ shoulders
equalizer all levels
appsdumbbells   mat

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Looking to build tone, definition and strength in your arms? This simple, at home Pilates workout is designed to tone your upper back, shoulders, upper chest, and arms. The Pilates focus will build long, lean muscle, and ensures the core is always working!

So grab a set of weights and take fifteen minutes to sculpt some seriously strong arms. To continue to challenge over time increase your weight size. This quickie workout was made by quailfied Instructors Meagan Cox and Caitlin O’Connor-Veth.

You will need a mat and hand weights (optional).

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