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Jump Rope Workout for Beginners

Jump Rope Workout for Beginners

with Zachary Fiorido
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Jump Rope Workout for Beginners.
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Jump Rope Workout for Beginners.
This Jump Rope Workout is intense, sweaty and full of cardio! Jump rope is one of the best forms of exercise that we can do. It gets your heart rate high, revs up your metabolism and helps you with your balance and agility!

If you don’t have a jump rope thats okay. You can mimic everything with your hands. Be sure to remember to use your arms as if you were really swinging the rope. Don’t be lazy with the arms… PROMISE! :)

This Jump Rope Workout involves 8 sets (I threw in a bonus set) so actually 9 sets of 45 seconds internal work with 15 seconds rest. We do 1 legged jumps, back and forth jumps, jacks, cross jacks, butt kicks and high knees. Lots of variation so we don’t get bored!

I cant wait for you to do this workout! Be sure to share this jump rope workout with a friend and get skipping together. Have a sweaty workout on me :)

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