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How To Tone Inner Thighs and Triceps | Kill the Jiggle | Natalie Jill
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How To Tone Inner Thighs and Triceps | Kill the Jiggle | Natalie Jill

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Let’s Kill the Jiggle today! In this video we are going to target those three areas that everybody wants to fix: Bingo Arms, Abs and Core, Inner and outer Thighs.

For these series of exercises, you will just need the following:Your own body weight, Very little time and Space
First, we’re going to do a Tricep Kickback
Go ahead and get in a sumo squat position, toes pointed slightly out, take your arms back and squeeze, bring it up and come up. When squeezing those arms back, use all that resistance, working back of that arm.
We’re not done yet! I want you to hold that sumo squat, hold it, push those arms back, get a little lower and finish with tiny pulses, while resting your hands on your thighs.
Now, we’re going to take some steps forward and back, staying as low as you can.

Take it to the ground, toes and fingers pointed forward, in a bridge position, one leg up and then to tricep dips, hold that leg up, switch legs.
Hold that leg up, turn it outward and do tiny little pulses, working that inner thigh
Don’t give up on those arms
Keep breathing and do the same thing on the other side

Simple moves to work the core, triceps, and legs
You can repeat as many times as you want, but like I always say, there is no magic number of repetitions; it’s whatever feels intense for you
Making it intense is what is going to change your body!

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