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Dynamic Pilates Core Strength Workout 30 Minutes

Dynamic Pilates Core Strength Workout 30 Minutes

with Caitlin O’Connor-Veth
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This Dynamic Pilates 30 Minute Core Workout is designed to strengthen and work out all four layers of abdominals. This workout is focused on the powerhouse (the deepest layer of abdominals), and will also strongly work your transverse abdominals and well as your internal and external obliques, creating a flat, tightened and well defined stomach. Not only does this make you look great, it also builds strength through the powerhouse which will support your spine and posture. To read more about our Instructor Caitlin or Dynamic Pilates please feel free to visit our website at Caitlin is currently fundraising for a volunteer trip to Thailand and Burma at the end of 2014, where she will volunteer and donate to Safe Haven Orphanage. Safe Haven Orphanage is a home on the border of Thailand/Burma that provides disadvantaged children with proper nuture, nutrition, shelter, clothing, medical care and education – if you would like to make a small contribution please visit We hope you enjoy our workout and feel free to check out our other workouts on eFit30! :)

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