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Dirty Dancing Workout: Saturday Night Dance Challenge

with Tracey Mallett, John Byrne
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Dirty Dancing Workout: Saturday Night Dance Challenge is an explosive, high energy cardio dance exercise that combines four dance routines from the “Official Dirty Dancing Workout” DVD with only music to test your knowledge of the steps, burn fat, and tone the entire body for the ultimate dance challenge. Now that you’re a pro, show off your official moves as you activate your core, build lean muscle, and re-shape the arms, chest, legs, butt, abs, hips, thighs, and back with Fitness Experts and Dancers, Tracey Mallett and John Byrne. Sculpt a lean dancer’s body and melt away the extra pounds as you learn to move like Baby and Johnny in this exhilarating exercise that features official dance steps and music from the #1 Dance Movie of all Time, “Dirty Dancing.” Shake your booty on the dance floor to soundtrack favorites including “Love Man”, “Yes”, “Do You Love Me”, and “Johnny’s Mambo” right from your own home. If you need to brush up on the steps, click directly to any of the four original workouts from either the end card at the end of this workout, or right from the links in the description. Look and feel your best as you have a blast with BeFiT. Good Luck! Click here for more dance workouts:

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“Love Man” Workout:
“Yes” Workout:
“Do You Love Me” Workout:
“Johnny’s Mambo” Workout:

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