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Best Tricep Workout To Get Rid Of Those Bingo Arms | Natalie Jill
Natalie Jill Fitness

Best Tricep Workout To Get Rid Of Those Bingo Arms | Natalie Jill

with Natalie Jill
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Today we are addressing the BINGO arm! The flappy arm, the back of the arm, the TRICEPS Area! Although we can’t spot reduce, we can lose overall body weight through our diet and intensity and training and we CAN develop the area through training which will drastically change the appearance!

Grab a stool, bench or platform. We are doing two exercises but building on those. This workout is JUST 5 minutes!

Start with hands on bench, feet out and front and using your triceps, LOWER down.

Next exercises is a PUSHUP variation with your elbows in.

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