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Barre Workout for Legs & Booty: Tracey Mallett- Tracey’s Top 3 Fitness Moves

Barre Workout for Legs & Booty: Tracey Mallett- Tracey’s Top 3 Fitness Moves

with Tracey Mallett
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Barre Workout for Legs & Booty with Tracey Mallett from Tracey’s Top 3 Fitness Series is a lower body-toning dancer’s barre workout that is designed to burn calories and tighten the legs, booty, abs, calves, hips, thighs, and obliques through 3, target toning exercises that can be done using either a wall, barre or a chair to shape a long, lean and sexy dancer’s physique. Fight through the burn and say goodbye to cellulite with World-Renowned Fitness and Wellness Expert, Pilates Master and Nutritionist, Tracey Mallett in this effective 6 minute workout that is sure to deliver defined results fast! Learn key exercises that Tracey relies on while training her celebrity clients such as parallel plié’s, hover lunges and donkey kicks that combine elements of squat, lunge and hip extension variations to lift and firm trouble zones. Strengthen the core, sculpt the abs, and improve your posture with one of the best in the business right from your own home. These moves will have you working multiple major muscles simultaneously as you pulse and hover your way to a brand new you. This workout can be taken with you anywhere and modified to fit all skill levels. Challenge yourself further by completing the last exercise entirely in relevé position. Re-shape your body and build a strong and healthy new you with BeFiT! Tune in every weekday for new FREE workouts. Click here for more great workouts from Tracey Mallett:

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