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Ballet Booty: Sleek Lean Thighs Workout- Tracey Mallett

Ballet Booty: Sleek Lean Thighs Workout- Tracey Mallett

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Ballet Booty: Sleek Lean Thighs Workout with Tracey Mallett is an effective 10-minute, target-toning workout that uses ballet-inspired exercises to burn fat, strengthen the core, and firm & lift the entire body to shape a lean and sexy dancer’s physique. Fight through the burn and get results with World-Renowned Fitness and Wellness Expert, Pilates Master and Nutritionist, Tracey Mallett in this strength-building, lower-body focused dancer’s routine. Tone and tighten the buttocks, abs, arms, calves, legs, thighs, shoulders, oblique’s, chest and back as you slim the waistline and say goodbye to saddle bags forever. Learn to improve posture and activate all of the muscles of the abdominals and glutes by pulling the navel into the spine and squeezing the sit bones. Enhance balance, elevate the heart rate to burn calories, and boost your energy level with moves like Swiss lifts, Pliés, Releve’s, quad leg lifts, hip abductors, squats, and variations on traditional ballet postures like second and fifth position. Tighten the hamstrings as you lift and shape the booty for a stronger and healthier new you. This workout requires no equipment; however, you may want to use a sturdy chair if balance becomes an issue. Be sure to stay hydrated and start slow building up intensity gradually to maximize results. This routine can be modified to fit all skill levels. Look and feel your best with one of the top fitness experts in the business right from your own living room. Tune in to BeFiT every weekday for new FREE workouts. Click here for more great workouts from Tracey Mallett:

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