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Ab Conditioning Workout: Tracey Mallett | Lose The Belly Flab

Ab Conditioning Workout: Tracey Mallett | Lose The Belly Flab

with Tracey Mallett
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Ab Conditioning Workout: Tracey Mallett | Lose The Belly Flab is an effective abs workout that is designed to activate the core, burn fat, and target all of the major muscle groups of the abdominals using a secret blend of short, but precise exercises and breathing techniques that work the muscles from the inside out for lasting results. Fight through the burn as you build lean muscle and melt away that muffin top with World-Renowned Fitness and Wellness Expert, Tracey Mallett as she takes you through this ab-centric segment from her fitness DVD, “Lose The Belly Flab”, that will tone and tighten the tummy and shape definition in the obliques. These exercises are your foundation for your ab training – especially if you’ve recently had a baby. You will need a towel or exercise band, a bottle of water, and an exercise ball or pillow to complete this unique workout that is great for all skill level. Modify the level of difficulty by adjusting reps and rest periods as needed. Now you can blast through the flab and uncover tight and shapely abs right from your very own living room with one of the best trainers in the business! Learn the method to how many celebrities get their abs back so fast after having a baby. Join Tracey on your road to 6-pack abs. Look and feel your best with BeFit! Click here for more great Ab workouts:

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