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How to Come Up With an Ideal Workout Plan

17 May 2016   Workout Tips       No Comments

Our first step, when we realize that we have gained weight, is to sign up at the gym. But while that shows you have the best of intentions, you have to realize that you’re not a trainer nor do you have any prior experience. Working out is the best way to keep fit, but only when you’re doing it in a proper manner. If you have got a personal trainer, or have a trainer at your gym to guide you, then you’re really lucky! For those of you planning to venture into this alone, you need to devise an effective workout plan.

What exercises to do? How to do them? How often to do a particular stretching exercise or sit up? These are questions that must be running through your mind. That is why an ideal workout plan is of the utmost importance.

A Great Workout Plan to Follow

Do keep in mind, that a single wrong step on your part could result in severe bone, muscle or tissue injuries. If you over exert yourself, you could be harming yourself. Before you start working out, come up with an ideal workout routine or a chart which you’ll religiously follow. This is a workout plan that you could follow-


1) Cardio Exercises

Cardio exercises, as the name suggests, helps in strengthening lung and heart muscles and reducing body weight and overall makes you feel fit and good. Cardio exercises should be challenging you to take it to the next level, that way you’ll be improving the functioning of your body muscles. Start out with low intensity cardio, and them proceed to the high intensity ones. It would do you good to monitor your heart rate during this. Now don’t try to overwork yourself by doing it daily. Three to six sessions in a week should be more than enough. Depending upon your endurance, your timing should vary between 10 to 60 minutes.

2) Stretching Exercises

Stretching exercises or flexibility exercises involves stretching different muscles of your body which enhances mobility, keeps your joints functional, improves your posture and makes you feel rejuvenated. Stretching exercises also help you unwind and relax, which is why you can do them after an hour of cardio. There is no question of exerting yourself here, so you can practice these upto 7 times a week. You should be able to hold each stretch for at least 30 seconds.

3) Strengthening Exercises

Weight lifting and similar exercises which help in toning your body, developing a resistance, and body sculpting all fall under this category. These exercises help in making your bones, ligaments and tendons more agile thus improving metabolism and overall appearance of the body. This can get pretty rough, that is why you should stick to a maximum of 2 sessions per week. Each session should consist of at least 3 sets, like one set of 10 push-ups. Start out with something simple, and after a while, increase the intensity if you feel you can take it.

4) Running or Jogging

There is nothing better than to wake up early in the morning and go out for a jog in the park. The fresh air does wonders for your heart and blood circulation. But for some women, jogging may not be an option, especially if they suffer from injuries to ligaments or arthritis. For them, brisk walking may be a better option. You can go for a morning walk or a jog every day, for about 30-60 minutes.

Now you will not have to feel like a fish out of water when it comes to working out. You know precisely what exercises to do, and how to proceed with them.

by: Lisa Mitchell

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