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8 Of the Popular Home Fitness Training Equipment

17 October 2015   Equipment   No Comments

If you have decided that it is time for you to get fit, then you need to consider a lot of things before continuing with your plan. Some want to go to the gym to carry out their routines but those who don’t have the time to visit the gym do it at home. Those who can afford to buy will purchase the best home fitness training equipment.

The most essential thing to keep in mind is that there is no need for you to go broke to get fit at home. You can purchase equipment at an affordable price. Here is a list of some of the basic equipment that you might need to set up your home gym to help you get in shape.

1. Gloves for Weight Lifting

fitness training equipment photoThis is not considered as a piece of equipment but it is definitely important to avoid having calluses on your hands and so that you can hold firmly on the weights which makes it a lot safer to use the equipment.

2. An Exercise Mat

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The most basic equipment that you will need is an exercise mat. You can use this in carrying out your weight workouts, general stretching and ABs workouts before moving on to your fitness equipment.


3. Exercise Ball

fitness training equipment photoOne of the most versatile fitness equipment that you must have at home is an exercise ball. It is perfect for strengthening your back, doing overall strengthening, doing ABS workout and toning exercises. You can also use it while watching TV or working on the computer.

4. Ankle Weights

fitness training equipment photoThese are affordable and are great add-ons to your home fitness training equipment. They are small that you can actually bring it along if you need to travel. These weights are best for different types of lower leg workouts including strengthening and toning exercises.


5. Barbells

fitness training equipment photoA barbell set involves working with heavier weights and it likewise enables you to carry out some good exercises. You need a bar plus about 160 pounds of weights to help you perform the squats, and also lower leg workouts. The barbell is an essential part of your fitness training.

6. Hex Dumbbell Set

fitness training equipment photoIf you can get away with a 50 lbs. set, then a 100 lbs. dumbbell set is also best for you. You should have a minimum of 2 five pound, 2 eight pounds, and 2 twelve pound weights to complete your training equipment basics.


7. Bench

fitness training equipment photoOne of the basic parts of your fitness equipment is the bench, which you will need to carry out back and chest exercises. It is also best for triceps and ABs workouts. It is important that the bench you purchase is adjustable to decline it or incline it when needed.

8. Resistance Bands

fitness training equipment photoYour home fitness training equipment is not complete without the resistance bands which will enable you to give your entire body a workout. The resistance bands are very small that you can actually bring them anywhere you go. These bands are best to work out various types of muscle groups in different ways.


The fitness equipment enumerated above are only some of the common machines that you need to have if you want to set up a fitness training program at home.

by Sylvia Nasser

 About the Author

Women in Westchester and CT no longer have to worry about the high fees of an in home personal trainer. Sylvia Nasser, a Long Island personal trainer, offers in home personal training Long Island so women can workout in comfort. The personal trainer is the best on Long Island.


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